Whistler Wedding – Spike and Jesse Wallace

When I picked up my camera and started this blog I never planned or really knew where my photography was going to go, rather I just ran with it as it seemed a good idea at the time. Previously I have been asked to photograph a wedding, then after some uming and ahing I decided to decline and referred the bride to another photographer. However when I got a request to photograph Spike and Jesses wedding there was no hesitation, it just felt right. Immediately there was nerves and excitement ok and a little panic but that all worked itself out. Thank god!!!

There is something pretty special about being able to capture your friends special moments that is difficult to describe, the joy, love and happiness you are capturing effects you in the most brilliant of ways.

An outdoor location down at the stone circle that was covered in full snow, clouds filled the sky and timing just before dusk so the lighting was stunning. Everything was perfect for a surprise proposal, 2 day engagement and a wedding – all the family of the bride and groom were in town already for Christmas so why not!  That’s pretty amazing and Jesse undeniably said yes and you could see just how happy she was throughout the ceremony. The whole ceremony was delightful, words well said and shared, snow falling magically just as they completed their vows, honest hugs and a love that truly did fill the air. There was so much laughter, so fun it was contagious every one had smiles from ear to ear from the moment they arrived and still at the pub later.  Probably still in excitement and shock from the proposal on Christmas which was only 2 days ago!!! Well done Spike you surely did that well, a bride whom was over the moon and family whom I can see could not be happier.

2017-01-15_0001 2017-01-15_0003


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