Whistler Newborn Photography – Niko

Niko arrived sound asleep and adorable as tiny little babies are, room was ready and so was I. Chatting with Erin as we got to know each other and settle into the shoot which typically involves a lot of shhhhhhh as we get baby to sleep. Little Niko was fun to work with as all the preplanned shots I had prepared went quickly out the window all Niko wanted to do was toss and turn and look around at this amazing world he is now a part of. This bubbs surely kept me on my toes as I had to act fast to photograph the session on the fly and work with my first full session with an awake baby. No worries Erin and I got this sorted as we worked together to get some tender moments of Mother and son and yes he did close his eyes for a bit, or was it a blink? Whistler Newborn Photography Whistler Newborn PhotographyAs i also get time to knit now and then I was excited when booking this session as I had knitted a little newborn sac in blues, greens and greys and was so glad when Erin saw it and was happy to use it. We gave it a go, grey fur and my hand knitted sack with Niko wanting to stretch and squirm. Erin thank you it was great and we managed to get some beautiful shots that I hope you adore, enjoy them and little Niko as think you may have your hands full with this little boy busting full of life, curiosity and energy!

Thanks Niko for being Whistler Newborn Photography s first full session wide awake!