Whistler Newborn Photography – Brynn

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you are going to get.”  Great movie of course and this philosophy I have recently been applying to newborn shoots! Some are putty in your hands, some are fun and blowing bubbles, some are sensitive to the touch, some sleep the entire session and some no matter what happens just fuss, fuss and fuss.

Little Brynn was eager to explore the world and during our session he was so curious and just did not want to relax. No worries we got this! Mum and dad were great as we navigated our way through babies demands, oh thats right this is a photos session. So gently and surely I captured what we could indoors.

Before each newborn session if the weather is on our side I take a look around the location we are at to find a suitable outdoor spot. Nestled around the corner of their home was a small green area at the end of a culdesac with some stunning fox gloves in full bloom. Little Brynn it’s time for a walk and change of scenery, so off we went. A nice walk and Brynn was peaceful and quiet, where we were able to capture some stunning outdoor newborn photos.


2016-07-24_0001 2016-07-24_0002 2016-07-24_0003