Whistler Newborn Photography

Little dreamy Airlie, such a treat, from the moment she arrived I was impressed. Rocked up sporting one of our Milkshaxs garments and instantly that melted my heart as nothing more rewarding than seeing a newborn wearing a garment created by myself and my husband. Oh look I have a camera lets just take a shot for the nostalgia and sentimental value this has to me. This little girl already has my heart! Ainslee did laugh as it was unintentional and I of course loved it!!

Whistelr Baby Photography

I must look past first impressions and so I proceeded to see tiny little Airlie with the cutest head of black hair, is that a mohawk i see falling naturally. After the introductory fun its time to get to work. Airlie was like a little doll and was easy to work with, out like a light and then working carefully with her for some beautiful shots. This little missy was also having fun as she was blowing bubbles to make us laugh and we did.

Whistler Newborn Photography

Whistler Newborn Photography Whistler Newborn Photography

I was working quickly through my planned shots leaving loads of time. I always ask if the client has anything sentimental or cute they would like me to photograph during the session to add to the collection and have some personalized shots. Ainslee came prepared and little Airlie was good to go. We were able to photograph the blanket passed down from Grandma, a crochet crown and Ainslee makes tutus too. Such fun we were having and I could have kept photographing for hours. Whistler Newborn PhotographyWhistler Newborn Photography

If all is going well and little bubbs is content we bring mum back in to get the naked baby shots that are just too cute, whom doesn’t love a cute teeny tiny little baby bot bot.

Whistler Newborn Photography

My camera was getting a good work out and so was I, everywhere I looked there was beauty and even packing up did not stop me taking pictures whilst Airlie was hanging out in mummas arms. Luckily I did as I was able to capture this sweet soul with eyes open.

Whistler Newborn Photography

I am hoping it would not surprise you with all these photos that the shoot did not stop there, Airlie was happy, mum was good and me well I did say my camera was getting a good work out. So we decided to use this opportunity to get some out door shots. Bundled and cozy in woolen knitting yarn placed gently down in the moss.


Whistler Newborn Photography would like to thank you Ainslee and Airlie it was a treat!! We were able to capture many photos that yes I will eventually finish 😉 and hope you and your family cherish and look back on for many years to come.

Whistler Newborn Photogrpahy