Whistler Newborn Photography

I love living in a small community, mind you it is growing of late with all these babies, but I digress. Pleasantly surprised when I was waiting in line at the Alpine corner store and Savannah introduced herself to me and she said hi to Charlie whom I was carrying at the time. Savannah was still pregnant with Madeline and she had a booking with me for when the time came. Most of the time I have not met mum and bubbs before a shoot but was so happy Madeline recognized me and Charlie from previously reading this blog. We chatted a little and this did get me excited to meet Madeline upon her arrival. Whistler Newborn Photography
The morning of the shoot I have my usual routine and closer to the scheduled booking time I do get a little anxious, this time I found myself a little more relaxed. Savannah was perfectly on time and Wow when she got our of the car and I saw the most stunning lace top I knew that we were going to get some beautiful pictures no matter what.

We greet each other and head up to the studio and Savannah was sure Madeline would sleep throughout the whole session as she had been up all morning. Later we laughed as perhaps we got jinxed, Madeline wanted to see the world and explore her new surroundings there was not sleep to be had in this session. Newborns do not always sleep on que, there were moments where she was close but then nope awake again. Thats ok, no need for perfectly posed babies that are fast asleep, Savannah and I got this. We then proceeded to work together and create a collection of images that are just as beautiful. Savannah had hand crochet a blanket that was in the most stunning pink pallet and then with the pink shoes and pink accent cheesecloth that all come together with the cream lace top and brown aged cedar shake backdrop to create a colour pallet that I just love. This collection for Savannah and Whistler Newborn Photography is pretty in pink!!

Whistler Newborn PhotographyWhistler Newborn Photography Thank you Savannah, these images are scrumptious even after Madeline tossing and turning with a side of cranky tiredness to boot. I look forward to completing the collection and of course bumping into you again at the corner store or Meadow Park.