Whistler Family Photography

Good times with family is what this time of year is all about!! When I was asked by Amy to photograph their family whilst on vacation I was excited!! What an honour I would love to! When shooting a session you not only have to have full control of your manual camera settings but you are also required to direct, engage and connect with your clients at the same time. My brain is on fire during a shoot and I just love it, so focused and attentive to my present moment and surroundings.

Knowing that directing 13 people with kids will be a challenge it was decided to use this opportunity to gain some practice shooting with a second photographer. The session was a blast and everyone was so cooperative it was a beautiful day but clear skies = cold days and this was no exception. Everyone was ready for their winter outdoor session and I was mindful to get the session completed quickly before everyone got too cold.

Having the second shooter allowed me to direct everybody nicely to ensure we captured what was needed, I of course had a game plan and a few props to keep things moving and the kids having fun. We started with the big group shot and then let the session flow to candids and some individual family shots.

Here are some of the photographs I took during the session:

2016-01-03_0001 2016-01-03_0002



Having the second shooter was a treat as we worked together to ensure everyone was captured in a timely, fun but yes cold session. Thank you Gerrard for these pics and I look forward to our next shooting session together:


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