Welcome to the world Poppy and Charlie

Whistler Newborn Photography

Welcome to the world these two little Whistler Newborns Poppy 6.8 pounds and her twin sister Charlie 6 pounds born on the 22nd of September 2014.

Whistler Newborn PhotographyCharlie Love the perfection, joy and immense happiness newborns bring to the world and thus begins a new journey in my life of Newborn Photography. A special thanks to my father whom a few years ago bought for me a great camera and now with the inspiration to learn the manual features I have decided to undertake a photography 365 that covers Poppy and Charlie’s first year of life. This blog will cover both the newborn photography shoots we do and my photography 365, which I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

These photos my husband and father of the Twins, Nathan took are the very first true newborn photos we have taken and encourage us to do more, as we thoroughly enjoyed our time and resulted in sweet photos of our twins to cherish for life.

Charlie newbornCharlie newborn

Here you can see the gentle placement of Charlie by dad to capture just how sweet they are when newborns. As they were sleeping deeply and dreaming of sunshine and lollipops I am sure, each pose was carefully placed as their tender tiny bodies are so precious. When the positions and babies are comfortable its photo time, snap snap moments frozen in time for us all to look back on forever. Details so cute they just have to be photographed, look at these arms linked as sisters born together.

Holding hands

So much has already happened since their birth so the next few blog posts will back track to cover the highlights of what has passed so far. Plan to cover their birth in the hospital as we were there for 5 days and even though we had an emergency c section it was full of great memories that we captured. Will also cover best photos taken outdoors and indoors, best of Milkshaxs photos and other exciting times. Look foward to sharing my journey of Newborn Photography with you, lessons of life and photos and anything else inbetween.