Welcome to the world Lily

Friends and babies, now I just want all my friends to have babies!!! So we can share the love and have play dates and talk about babies and how amazing it is, watch them grow up together, reach milestones together, go to school together and go through all these fabulous things with the people we love. Then of course I can photograph them to capture those precious tender tiny first weeks of life for our friends to look back on, a special gift that lasts forever!!

Chris and Angela have had their second child and how thrilled are we that it was a girl, yeah a friend for the twins. Here she is so beautiful – Welcome to the world Lily, Squamish newborn photography.



Thanks Angela, we look forward to the many princess dresses and parties that lie ahead. Wishing you and your family all the best over the festive season and we hope you enjoy the photos we took of your precious new bundle of joy!