Simply Stunning Jess Tucker

Yes the specialty I am choosing to perfect is newborn photography but when one of my dearest friends Jess asked me to take head shots of her how excited was I? Absolutely love to! So here I find myself being challenged to a new style of photography that I have never done before and of course keen to give it a crack.

Head shots hey, right lets do this so Jess did her hair and make up, thank goodness she is a hairdresser at  Elevation Hair Salon and whipped up a stunning look for the shoot, simple and neat. When I picked her up we had fun deciding on a few wardrobe pieces and then some accent Jewelry by Terri whom owns Re:creation – yeah double whammy Terri can also use some pics for her business.

I had the perfect location in mind, which was of dried grass and twigs that will work beautifully as a backdrop to Jess’s blonde hair, we arrived and started shooting. Chatting to Jess, directing her and having a blast, I made her laugh, made her smile and even made her pucker up for some pics. Realizing it can take a bit to warm up to the camera and to try different things, I even through my husband Nate down in the area with her to chat and get some more relaxed shots too.

Whistler Photographer

Jess and I had fun with her wardrobe being the girls that we are, so naturally played around – Kimono on, Kimono off, jacket on and hood up.. Yup those boots full body shot, Oh that fur!

The kimono was so fun and the colours worked great with the spring shoots in the purple that provided the backdrop for the session. The kimono came from one of our favorite Whistler stores The Circle which always has great pieces and a few skateboards of course.

Whistler PhotogrpaherWhistler Photographer

Wait wait we are having too much fun, stop lets think, we are here for head shots right, ok sit down and look back at me.  Wow this is what we got.. Jess you are simply stunning a fun girl, kind and so glad to be your friend. I will photograph you any time and have a blast with you every time!Whistler Photographer