Poppy and Charlie Meet Vancouver

This past week our little family has been in Vancouver to attend the Circle Craft Christmas Show with Milkshaxs. Naturally taking the two girls out of their routine and down to the city for the show I was a tad nervous. Well did I have nothing to be nervous about the girls loved the change in scenery, every where they looked there was something different and exciting, the big city buildings were everywhere and as they looked up pigeons flew past. Cars, lights, streets but the most exciting thing of all was being able to push the buttons for the elevator of the hotel.

It did not take long before Poppy and Charlie made friends with the font desk staff of the hotel we were staying in, which allowed them to play about a little in the foyer, up the stairs, down the stairs, waving at everyone that went past, a few times they even tried to get behind the desk to help out, but of course they were no help at all rather just killed everybody with cuteness. It was easy to get the girls back to the room as we just had to mention the word button and then quickly they headed for the elevator, pick them up let them press the button together put them down and they happily went for the ride up to our room. Who knew staying in a hotel with 1 year old twins was actually a refreshing change that we all thoroughly enjoyed for the week.

The show started at 10am which allowed us to go for nice walks together every morning and here are some pics I took during our stay in Vancouver: