Pemberton Newborns Identical Twins

Once again congratulations Gwen and Wes, I am currently working through the photos and loving it. These two adorable baby boys were born on the 31st December 2014, very close to New Years day won’t their birthdays be fun! Gwen and Wes were able to come over and have their beautiful bundles of joy photographed in those very precious first few days. They were photographed at just 7days old and born at – Phoenix 6.5pounds and Jacob close to 7 pounds, the first thing Nate and I said when we saw them was wow you forget how tiny they are, cute, tiny precious parcels of nothing but love.

We had a great time photographing these Pemberton newborns Jacob and Phoenix, Ivy their big sister was also with us so can’t have her miss out. We photographed Ivy first, how shy she was, no worries she was a challenge to snap and I was up for it, I hope Gwen is happy with the ones I captured as Ivy is so pretty and sweet.  I have plucked a couple of special pics from the day to blog about, enjoy.

Pemberton Newborn Photography

The above photo with Nathans hands whom is now called the baby whisperer and I can’t do a twin shoot without him as too much going on, he is pretty amazing yup that’s why I married him! The picture shows just how tiny they are, being placed gently as they cuddle together. My absolute favourite photo of the day is a very beautiful moment and one I hope Gwen adores, Phoenix and Gwen softly and gently.Pemberton Newborn Photography

With a twin shoot I found it important to have a setting with the single babies and then also the most important shot of the day would be of them together. I was able to capture all of these on the day as the boys were on their best behavior and managed to get some great ones of them cuddling. Pemberton Newborn Photography

A capture that has a story to tell will always be a memory for Wes, however as I love squishy baby faces i think it makes a great shot as Wes is gently holding Jacobs head in his hands. Of course if you know Wes I will let him tell you the story.Pemberton Newborn PhotographyThanks for such a great day, we had a blast got chatting about life with twins so many new and exciting times ahead of us all. Secretly I was hoping for identicals as I think it would be pretty fun always playing who’s who and nurturing their different personalities. Nate and I are looking forward to catching up when our kids are a bit bigger for some play dates of course, 2 boys Jacob and Phoenix and the girls Poppy and Charlie fun times ahead for us all in twin town.