Pemberton Family Photography

It seems lately this photography addiction is taking to sessions of the family kind and why not!!   They are fun, challenging and a whole different ball game than a newborn session in the studio. Here I find myself learning with every shoot I do, from acting fast with my manual settings on the camera that require constant change to get the desired result, learning when to pull families together to get those more posed portrait shots eyes front between capturing lifestyle pics of families just having fun. All whilst staying connected with the family to direct and keep happy kids, well kids are kids and I am realizing that I enjoy trying to get the best out of them, weather its with camera in hand or putting it down for a second to dance with them to just enjoy ourselves and be silly.

Lately I have done a few family sessions but here are some pics from a shoot at Narin Falls where the light was dappled and for ever changing so it kept me on my toes to ensure no shade, no over exposure, and to capture nicely dappled back lit pics in the forest of the Schramm Family.  I have had a great time with Lorien and Tyler litlle Elias grew out some teeth the day after but we still managed to capture a laugh and smile during the session. Once again I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to my next shoot with the Shcramms to capture Elias grow.



Love living in the seas to sky corridoor with so many beautiful places to shoot, this session was of the Pemberton family photography kind and I look forward to exploring more great Pemberton locations in the years to come.



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