Loved Ones

March 19, 2016 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Love them hug them and cherish every minute you have with loved ones!!!!!  We have returned from our vacation to Australia where we spent precious time with family. So many great memories were made and surely I will post some of them here as I work my way through them.

One of the great things about getting married is you don’t only gain a husband you become part of a whole new family, luckily my husbands family is amazing and his sister Sarena is now my sister. During our stay it was my pleasure to be able to photograph Sarenas’ family, with some laughs and giggles, a stroll along the beach to capture some of the most amazing clouds.

Serena thank you for making our time with you so welcoming, we all had such a great time and already looking forward to our next trip. I am so grateful to be able to share my photography skills with family in Australia, capturing how fun these guys can be was a treat. Enjoy these photos and I can’t wait to photograph you all again!

2016-03-19_0001 2016-03-19_0002 2016-03-19_0003 2016-03-19_0004