Ebb and Flow of life

Lately my photography is simply following the “Ebb and Flow” of my life allowing me to enjoy a nice balance between my work life, family life and my creative life which are all part of the busy me that I love. This fall has proven to be one filled with rain and due to the rain I have found myself postponing many sessions, which is of course fine as when the time is right they will happen. With all the stunning fall colours it’s obviously ideal to shoot outside. On the flip side I have enjoyed many days simply relaxing enjoying my family and even enjoying some couch and TV time, with all this rain how can you not!

This fall a I decided to take an overdue trip to see my girlfriend Kendra whom lives in Portland with her adorable daughter Monet. This woman is so generous, kind and loving reminding me every time I see her I just wish we lived closer. However we do not which makes every time we do see each other very special and highly fun! My visit was to celebrate her birthday and wow did we celebrate. Kendra in her usual style organized it all and stopped at nothing to ensure we all had such a fun day and it was!

I was so excited to bring my camera so I could photograph Kendra and Monet with Portland this time of year being so stunning with all the fall leaves I am so glad I did as we were able to capture some stunning images which I hope she enjoys for years to come!

2016-11-13_0001 2016-11-13_0002 2016-11-13_0003 2016-11-13_0004


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