Dandelions Galore

Spring is looming here is Whistler and winter still has some whiplash with the weather and vegetation still trying to bloom. I am always watching what is growing and how the seasons change. Lately I noticed the dandelions are blooming and that very day my husband had been in Pemberton and he noticed it too, well how could he miss them they are everywhere!!!

With a shoot on the horizon and these fun flowers filling fields, time to get out the camera and play amongst flowers that are bursting in Pemberton. Shooting the black Sandel Mally Mocs against this backdrop, Yellow Yellow and more Yellow!

Elias and Lorien were such fun and between making dandelion wishes, plucking petals to – she loves me she loves me not and even trying to count them all we were able to capture vibrant family pics and product shots that are yup full of yellow dandelions.


Pemberton Family Photography