Charlie Girl

May 18, 2015 Uncategorized 1 Comment

This is so precious it deserves its own blog post. Kendra who is my dearest friend and unfortunately lives in Portland Oregon, too far away. Kendra has the most impeccable taste and when the girls were born for once I was excited about hand me downs as I knew if I asked her to hold onto some of Monet’s clothes for Poppy and Charlie she would, and she did. The girls are just starting to fit them now, however some of these outfits are just too beautiful to wear on a daily basis in Whistler yet alone around the house.

This long weekend we drove up to Pemberton for a photo shoot for a new commercial client, more on that later. I brought this dress with me too so we could play about a little. We were in a paddock, we put Charlie in the dress, Charlies diaper was full, diaper bag no where to be seen so off it went, then Nate looked at me and yup naked little bot bot pics all came together so nicely. These pics just crack me up, no pun intended.

Whistler Baby Photography

IMG_2414sm IMG_2419sm