Black and White

Kate when booking her shoot for Flynn mentioned she was after black and white photos and not too “proppy”, well is she the client for me! I love a good black and white photo and love keeping the photos natural, babies are perfection and I like it simple.  I just loved this session with Ben, Kate and Little Flynn, we hit it off straight away and could have chatted for hours, but wait a minute lets not get a cup of tea together its time to capture little Flynn taking photos that will last for generations.

The shoot went so smoothly once Flynn was asleep, in his first setting he did a bit of squirming to drift off into a deep slumber then after that I was able to capture all that I had planned. I like to ensure I get some good parent shots and also some details, ears, lips and I am now addicted to baby’s feet so typically get a few of these throughout. I was ticking off my shots and progressing nicely only a few moments of patience were required but I am ok with that, then when we were nearing the end I remembered that I asked if there were any sentimental or cute items that they would also like photographed to add to the photo collection. Kate and Ben came prepared and wanted me to photograph him lying on top of some books that were special to Ben. I will photograph anything and loved that Kate and Ben had a few shots they wanted me to snap for them, so as Flynn was being such a super star we finished off with the clients requests. During this time little Flynn pulled the “Blue Steel” and I was laughing as it was so awesome, little Charlie used to pull the exact same face and believe it that’s exactly what Nate and I called it.  “Blue Steel” wow what fun as he sat there on top of Ben’s books with the perfect “Blue Steel” pose.  Here is Flynn and Charlie both pulling the “Blue Steel” –

Whistler Newborn Photography

Sometimes you just know when a photo will look better in black and white, and here are some that I love:

Whistler Newborn Photography

Others look good in both colour and black and white and Whistler Newborn Photography aims to deliver a nice selection of both.

Whistler Newborn Photography

Thank you Ben, Kate and little Flynn I had a great time and look forward to photographing you all again sometime.

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